What is Depression?

It’s natural for people to feel sad, down, moody or low from time to time. However, some people have these feelings for a prolonged period of time, ranging from weeks, months, to even years. This is prolonged low mood is commonly termed as depression, and it can have a major impact on a persons well being, mental health and even immune system. A major sign of clinical depression is  feeling sad, worthless or hopeless for a period of two weeks or more. Other signs include, disturbed sleeping (too much sleep or lack of sleep), lack of appetite, poor concentration etc.

Depression can be very debilitating, as it can hinder or completely stop sufferers from engaging in activities they may otherwise enjoy, such as socialising, hobbies or pastimes.

Psychologist Hernan Diaz is experienced in assisting people overcome depression, by empowering them to take control of their lives with scientifically proven psychological techniques, such as cognitive therapy and schema therapy. These types of therapies get to the core of of what is causing the depression and depressive thoughts, and allows the person change the way they think and perceive their situation.

The Symptoms of Depression


  •  A lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed


  •  Difficulty in controlling your emotions, tearfulness


  • An overwhelming feeling of profound sadness or emptiness, often for no apparent reason


  • Poor concentration or indecisiveness


  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness


  •  Negative thoughts


  •  Tiredness and a lack of energy


  • A change in appetite, or significant weight loss or gain



  •  Feeling sluggish, body aches or slow movement


  • Recurring thoughts of death and suicide

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