How we can help you?


At Brighter Horizons Counselling we offer a range of counselling and psychological services to help people overcome issues, achieve goals and lead happier more fulfilling lives.

At Brighter Horizons Counselling we value long term change over band aid solutions.

Brighter Horizons Counselling’s principal Psychologist, Hernan Diaz offers a client-centred tailored approach to counselling and psychology, using evidence based techniques that have been proven to work. For us it is integral that therapy yield positive change for our clients, for this reason, all therapeutic techniques used have scientific groundings, to offering better and longer lasting outcome. 

Hernan is a highly trained professional, with a decorated academic record and vast experience both as a clinician/counsellor and as a corporate coach, having worked in a major Australian company for many years in a coaching capacity. 

Services offered at Brighter Horizons Counselling


The services offered at Brighter Horizons range from counselling, coaching, to specific clinical psychological treatments.  We offer counselling to: 

  • Individuals - Children aged 13 and up to adults
  • Couples

To treat the following issues and disorders:



Anxiety disorders

Relationship issues 

Alcohol dependency

Compulsion disorders

Pornography addiction

Sexual dysfunction 

Adolescent issues

Anger management

Grief and loss

Self esteem issues

Phobic disorders

Post traumatic stress

Gambling addiction

University stress

Study techniques